United in learning, avid in teaching, and driven by our passion to provide value.


Award-Winning Culture

Here at Atlas Tech we firmly believe that our Team Members are the most important assets we have. For this reason, we want our commitment to them to be reflected in what we provide to them and their families. We take pride in offering the most diverse and advantageous benefit options to our valued Team Members.

Working at Atlas Tech means working with a Team of encouragers: encouragement to improve your knowledge and skills, to be constantly learning, to excel at new opportunities, and to succeed when faced with challenges. In the same way that you will be met with mentorship, you will quickly find yourself mentoring others. Our Leadership Development Program creates new leaders and equips them with the tools and guidance to assume immediate leadership opportunities.

Our Vision

To merge Technology with Integrity to create a positive impact for our clients, community, and country.

Here we embrace change, as it is a natural part of life and a vital part of our industry. Our success has primarily been based on our cross-training and continuing education culture. We have many success stories of administrative staff learning and advancing into technical roles, technical staff advancing into management roles, and a high percentage of Team Members taking advantage of our educational reimbursement policy.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy places our vision into action. We take responsibility for improving the quality of life of our team members, their families, and the communities in which we live and work. Our commitment extends beyond the contributions we make to solve difficult problems through technology and integrity. We are committed to using our time and resources to support our people and create a positive impact on our communities. It is this commitment that defines our corporate responsibility.

Our Core Values


Learning is paramount at Atlas Tech, holding one of our four core values. While we do have the highest standards of quality set in place, we are never satisfied to stop there. We believe in continually raising the bar and improving, whether for our colleagues, our customers, or our community. Everyone deserves the highest quality of work, and our intention is to deliver on that.


We Teach what we learn to our team and our customers. We are always working to mentor each other and our customers. Our Team Members have a desire to help others succeed.


Flexibility shows that we are always working to find a way to get the job done. We embrace challenges with our Flexibility and teamwork as our Team Members have a can-do and will-do mentality.


Our Team Members have a Passion for the work they do for our customers and for giving back to our communities.  We have a drive for excellence and are highly motivated to getting the job done and making an impact.