Who We Are

We design and deploy information solutions to meet the most stringent of demands:

  • Floating Platforms with global reach
  • Less-than-reliable satellite connectivity
  • Less bandwidth than the average household

The Atlas Subject Matter Experts provide in-depth training to ensure that the advanced technologies enhance capabilities rather than detract from the mission.

We deliver solutions that enable those who protect our nation's interests to not only stay connected to the fight, but also back to home.

We provide solutions in:

  • Cloud
  • Cybersecurity
  • Engineering
  • IT Modernization
  • System Integration
  • Program Management
  • %+

    Veteran Workforce

  • +

    C5ISR Experts

  • +

    Networks Deployed

  • VOSB
  • ISO Certified 9001-2015
  • ISO Certified 27001:2013
  • Best Place To Work 2022
  • Best Place To Work 2023
  • Gold Award
  • Our Credentials

    Founded by veterans, staffed by veterans and other professionals, our company was created to provide a positive impact for our country’s service members. Our organically created processes to support this vision have been certified by various independent authorities.

    Join the Atlas Team

    Join the Atlas Team

    The Atlas Tech team is dedicated to our vision of creating a positive impact by delivering the best value to our clients and ultimately the warfighter. This collective drive fosters our environment of continuous learning and mentoring to ensure that our knowledge is shared amongst our Team Members. Our leadership is continually adding to our best-in-class benefit package and creating innovative work-life arrangements that are unprecedented in the our market.

    Atlas allows Team Members to make a significant contribution to our nation’s national security with a minimum of bureaucracy associated with government contracting. This is demonstrated with our consistent recognition and ranking as a “Best Places to Work” employer at our various offices within the US.


    The Atlas Way

    Our proprietary Atlas Integration Model (AIM) is our unique integration of People, Processes and Tools to ensure that what we deliver meets or exceeds our customers’ requirements every time. Our established processes allow our Team Members to quickly Assess, Align and Act for every project we are trusted with. More importantly,  AIM is designed for the fast evolving challenges that are inherent to all technology projects which enables our ability to provide real-time alternatives to our customers at an unparalleled speed.

    Our passion is what we accomplish every day at Atlas Tech. This is beyond hard deliverables and contracts and doesn’t change with time, technology, or trends.



    Chief Executive Officer

    Atlas Tech