Ansible Tower

Ansible Tower


The customer’s increasing complexity of technology systems led to significant increases in man - hours spent ensuring compliance with policy and mitigating risk associated with misconfiguration and deviation from established baselines. Recognizing the need for all systems to reliably and verifiably adhere to established configuration standards and policies, the customer turned to Atlas Tech to implement a collaborative automation solution.

Atlas Solution

Atlas Tech implemented Red Hat’s Ansible Tower Automation to meet the customer’s needs for configuration management and automation, critical in light of a reorganization that combined two service divisions with multiple configuration and management automation system s. Ansible, an open - source IT automation engine that automates provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, and many other IT processes, can be used to install software, automate daily tasks, provision infrastructure, improve security an d compliance, patch systems, and share automation across an organization. Atlas conducted the initial required business process interviews across the customer, employing tested measures to ensure the accuracy of the data collected. The data provided focused the Atlas team on the need to create active directory objects and a website that provides multiple features to then further automate the process. The resulting increased functionality includes the ability to save all data entered by the application team and the ability to utilize a search feature to select particular applications and modify/update the saved data by search criteria. Additional Atlas Tech implemented features include updated file consolidation resulting in reduction of single entries and the ability to create multiple role groups.


  • Ansible Tower functionality to automate the configuration of infrastructure, automate active directory objects, and implement role - based access control
  • Website capabilities for pre - interview and inter view purposes, search and update functionality, upload and consolidation of files, and to provide the input feed to Ansible Tower
  • Atlas Tech ongoing support in continued updates and enhancements including RBAC