Enterprise to Role Based Access Control

Enterprise to Role Based Access Control


The customer needed to limit its security exposure and reduce risks a ll while meeting a very specific departmental mandate. They turned to Atlas Tech to work with th e varied affected application owners and determine a phased approach that both satisfied the mandate as well as current and anticipated infrastructure demands.

Atlas Solution

Atlas Tech Team Members leveraged their extensive experience with Systems Integration and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) engineering as they started with meetings across the customer bas e to determine the varied needs of 175+ Integrated Active Directory applications required to be transitioned to RBAC. Specific role and control groups were then created and tested, with results provided across all systems. Only once application owners were satisfied with the results and did implementation into the production environment begin . Finally, before roll - out, Atlas developed a tailored customer process inclusive of system engineering requirements to ensure application owners did not lose access to their systems during transition. Deviation and Legacy accounts were maintained until ap plication owners and administrators were comfortable with the new RBAC accounts and access.


  • Successful deployment of full - blown RBAC based Enterprise Network
  • Organically developed solution to meet customer’s unique and very specific needs