In - house Design and Fabrication

In - house Design and Fabrication


As part of a long - term relationship with the customer, Atlas Tech supports the installation, upgrade, and maintenance of systems deployed in multiple, changing locations. However, long lead times, expensive prototype parts, and inaccurate measurements of critical components were hampering continuous modernization efforts. In true partnership fashion, Atlas Team Members proactively sought a solution to reduce continued schedule, cost and quality issues resulting from specialized component sourcing and manufacturing.

Atlas Solution

The catalyst for the Atlas Tech team’s quest was a situation incurred while upgrading the communication systems on a prototype vehicle. A diplexer mounting bracket, to be modeled and fabricated according to specifications, posed unique challenges to an outside vendor due to existing production backlogs and the high costs of materials. To compound the issue, after four months of delays, the prototyped arrived only to not meet the exacting specifications, creating significant pressure on the vendor and the customer with a hard installation deadline looming

The Atlas Technical Design team was determined to learn and prevent the situation from re - occurring. Using the experience and skills already within the department, the Technical Design team researched and presented a proposal to address the schedule, cost, and quality issues using a 3D printer to produce the small - scale parts needed for prototypes. The team presented their idea to the customer for their next prototype request, recreating the same diplexer mounting bracket with correct specifications in less than four hours and at 1/400 th of the rushed replacement cost. This new Atlas - created prototyping process, proactively proposed and vetted, is now customer vetted and approved.


  • Introduction of rapid prototyping to the installation process proactively reducing lead times, quality issues, and cost
  • More accurate installation timelines
  • Reduction on reliance on 3rd party prototype production, streamlining modernization processes