Mobilizing Enterprise Architecture Through Miniaturization and Convergence

Mobilizing Enterprise Architecture Through Miniaturization and Convergence


The customer needed to migrate certain systems from a large server platform to a small transportable mobile platform without losing capabilities or performance degradation. Additionally, the new portable systems desired by the customer had to be agile enough to evolve with continuing mission needs. Atlas Tech was selected to mobilize , miniature, and maximize these mission - critical systems .

Atlas Solution

To meet the customer’s objectives, Atlas Tech leveraged four disruptive technologies: Single Board Computers (SBCs), Systems on Chips (SoCs), Virtualization, and Containerization. The combined SBCs and SoCs allowed Atlas Tech to miniaturization the hardware while the skilled employment of virtualization and containerization provided the needed convergence of software environments onto less hardware. Atlas Tech also focused on a modular design so radically simple that it could be used for a variety of mobile enterprise applications, giving the customer scalable flexibility


  • System miniaturization to 5% of the original footprint
  • Processing speed increased 95%
  • Pricing decrease to below contract clause thresholds
  • Simplified scalability and operation