Organizational Consultancy and Process Standardization

Organizational Consultancy and Process Standardization


The Atlas customer’s role in supporting national and global security missions was rapidly changing in the international theater and the team charged with providing a wide arrange of technical support and services was experiencing exponential growth in the internal and external stakeholders involved. The customer recognized a need to quickly standardize and create dynamic business and project management processes and chose Atlas Tech to assess, advise, and fully implement a project management approach with a catalog of defined processes and products.

Atlas Solution

The customer needed to support mission and interoperability requirements for integrated operations across departments. This support encompasses Sustainment, Acquisition, and Information Technology Services, including but not limited to Enterprise Information Systems Infrastructure, which ensures information can be shared across all functional levels. Additionally, the customer provides program, financial, and technical engineering services support.

Atlas deployed our team of Project Management (PM) Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across all customer teams, emphasizing defined process execution, process improvement, and adherence to explicit standards. Working together with customer team members , Atlas SMEs formalized and standardized all PM processes and products. Atlas Tech’s deep organizational experience in all the services allowed the customer/Atlas teams to seamlessly and quickly provide a common operational picture of the entire organization for reporting purposes and distribution of key and critical execution data to decision - makers.

Additionally, collaborating on best practices across all PM knowledge areas, the Atlas team enhanced all levels of PM support via standardized roles and processes for all personnel associated with project management. This enabled organizational performance to be evaluated in tandem with PM performance of assigned teams and projects.


  • Timely dissemination and communication of standardized PM processe s
  • Formalization of task execution approaches through the integration of PM information
  • Creation of a clear Common Operational Picture (COP) of the project and team execution for customer Leadership
  • Enhanced ability to quickly respond to customer/stakeholde r queries through coordinated, accessibly, and up to date PM information